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I am an assistant professor at National Sun Yat-sen University. I did my PhD in Mathematics at Iowa State University, under the supervision of Leslie Hogben and Steve Butler. Then I did my postdoctoral research at the University of Victoria, working with Pauline van den Driessche. My research interests are:

For more details about me, please refer to my CV. Here is my schedule this semester, and you can reach me by chlin [at]

I use Sage intensively for my research, the codes I used frequently are put in GitHub.

I am organizing TWAG, a remote study group, regularly. Please feel free to let me know if you are interested. This study group is part of the HAMLT Lab, in which we aims to develop solid mathematics theory for machine learning.

I serve as the conference editor for IMAGE — ILAS' Bulletin. You are welcome to send announcement or report to me for conferences related to linear algebra.

I am assisting the AMS MRC workshop, Finding Needles in Haystacks: Approaches to Inverse Problems using Combinatorics and Linear Algebra. If you are interested in the inverse eigenvalue problem of a graph or zero forcing, you may find an introductory article we wrote in the February 2020 issue of Notices.

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(Some paper not available here might have a preprint version on arXiv, or you can send an email to me. For nonpublic files, it is useless to add -nonpublic at the end of the link.)

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